Complete and efficient packaging lines

We are a leading manufacturer of packaging machines. We provide technologist support, design, assembly, commissioning and integration with case packaging systems.

Atractive prices

As manufacturer of packaging lines, we offer individually tailored packaging machines at competitive producer prices.

Innovative technology

We manufacture unique and innovative packaging lines that quickly and automatically pack products into bag, carton, and then place them into case.

Fast service

In case of failure – we guarantee spare parts and professional service packaging machines. Professional technicians will minimize the risk of downtime in product packaging.

Ergonomics and safety

We install efficient packaging lines that meet all the requirements of both safety and logistics. Reliable Radpak reliable packaging lines guarantee ergonomic and automated work.

Examples of our realisations

Complete packaging line designed to American Box

We meet individual customer requirements and create efficient and automated packaging lines upon request. For the client’s unique needs, we designed and produced a line for packing dates. A system of this type of packaging equipment will also work for products.


A complete packaging line includes: 

– machine forming American Box with a glued bottom

– the RADPAK packing line groups batches of dates and then places them in a collective package. 

– at the last stage of the packaging line, the collective carton is sealed with tape, protecting the contents of the package from opening.

Complete packaging line designed to Bags

The muesli packaging line is a solution that can be used to pack loose products. It enables complete packaging, directly from packing loose products to the case.


The muesli packaging line includes:

– chopper

– multihead weigher

– vertical packaging machine

Complete packaging line to Brick Bags

Radpak packaging lines are also suitable for unusual products. We manufacture complete brick bag forming lines with a label applicator and the possibility of forming bags with a metal clip.

Radpak packaging machine deals with packaging from sorting loose product to case packing.


The complete brick type packaging line consists of devices such as:

– a hopper
– a belt feeder
– a combination weigher
– vertical brick type packaging machine
– case packer

Complete packaging and mixing line for frozen products

The packaging line for mixing and packaging of frozen foods has been designed for companies where efficient and accurate work matters during comprehensive packaging of products. Radpak packaging and mixing line packs the product into Doypack bags. The packaging system is equipped with a hopper feeding conveyors for loose product.

The feeding conveyors can be subjected to a washing process, and all components of the Radpak packaging and mixing line are made of stainless steel. The whole line has been made of stainless steel and some of its elements i.e the conveyors are wash-down.


The complete frozen meat packaging and mixing line includes:

– hoppers and feeding conveyors
– weighers: linear and combination
– frozen food mixing system
– vertical doypack type packaging machine

We design complete packaging lines for a wide range products

Bet on the automation of the packaging line - choose innovative RADPAK solutions.

Why is it worth investing in automated systems?


All RADPAK automated packaging systems are designed and constructed to meet individual customers’ preferences.

They can be adapted to the dimensions of the halls inside the company and the specificity of the products or packaging used. In addition, they are reliable, durable and easy to use.

You can speed up the company’s operation and eliminate the human factor and, as a result, the associated errors.


The offer of complete RADPAK packaging lines includes:

– systems designed for packaging loose products in plastic bags, cartons or cases.
– automated packaging lines designed to pack a wide range of products – high-performance complete packaging lines with the possibility of mixing several products,
– integration of the case packing system with the packaging line.

Complete packaging line - a solution for your product

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