Versatile packaging machines - reliable and efficient packaging systems

We offer machines that will pack any assortment.
Radpak machines meet the highest standards of safety and functionality and ensure work automation.

Comprehensive service

We build machines that shape the packaging market. We consult customers on what functions the packaging device can have for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Up to 2 years guarantee

Radpak packaging systems are designed for intensive work in difficult conditions, therefore packaging machines are covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


We respond quickly and professionally to possible faults of packaging systems. The Radpak service team will repair and replace the necessary components.

Post-Warranty access to spare parts

Even if the warranty period expires – we still provide customers with access to spare parts for Radpak packaging machines. We also offer paid post-warranty service together with the assembly of parts.

Technology in combination with funcionality - RadPak packaging machines

In Radpak, to meet the expectations of our clients, we produce six types of case packing system


– Trays formers
– Four-flap case erectors (american box)
– Four-lap case packing system (FEFCO 0200/0201)
– Tray & hood case packaging system (tray with top cover inwards)
– Tray & wrap around case packaging system
– Tray & lid case packaging system (tray with lid outwards)

Cartoners are specialized cartoning machines that are used for individual packaging of a product.


– Radpak offer includes cartoning machines for the food and pharmaceutical industry, as well as for packaging seeds, tea, industrial products, decorations, nails and cosmetics.


– We have both vertical and horizontal models working in start-stop or continuous motion mode.


– The packaging production process using a cartoner takes place automatically. Additionally, you can integrate a machine, e.g. with Form-Fill-Seal equipment.


Vertical packaging machines are an excellent choice for the food industry. They are suitable for use wherever there is a need for flat bags or sachet-type packaging. At Radpak, we also manufacture vertical packaging machines of the Doypack type, created for packaging products in bags with an elliptical bottom or sachets with a zipper applicator.


At Radpak, we manufacture, among others:


– vertical machines packing vegetables into nets with a banderd,
– vertical machines with a screw auger fillers,
– sloped machines for packing delicate products, e.g. cookies, dried fruits, crackers or biscuits.


Other vertical packaging systems are designed, e.g. for packaging fresh fruits or frozen food. The vertical packaging machines available in Radpak offer also produce large bags, with a capacity of up to 25 kg.

You can find all types of packaging machines

We ensure constant access to RadPak spare parts - even after the warranty on packaging machines has expired

We customize Radpak packaging machines to the needs of our clients. We manufacture cartoning machines and packaging machines and constantly supervise every stage of work. At Radpak, we focus on stringent quality control, which makes packaging machines and cartoners efficient, durable and functional. We provide a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty for the machines.


Vertical packaging machines and cartoning machines are packaging systems designed to work in difficult conditions. Like all equipment in use, they may fail or require modernization. We offer Radpak customers permanent access to spare parts for packaging equipment. We rely only on original components, tailored to Radpak machines.



Why use our post-warranty service?


– We provide professional service
– We only supply original spare parts
– We use the highest quality components for the production of Radpak packaging machines
– We provide a paid installation and maintenance service for all Radpak packaging equipment

A wide selection of packaging machines

We manufacture machines for packaging loose materials, automotive parts or non-food, cartoners and case packers machines.

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