Horizontal Cartoner

Automatic cartoner for feeding cartons with the function of opening and closing. The machine is equipped with a vacuum system for picking up cartons using suction cups, and the automatic arm slides the product into the carton, and then it is closed with glue or the so-called “lock”


The horizontal cartoner can operate in the following modes:


– Automatic folding of boxes

– Allen Bradley servo driven carton feeder

– Control System PLC Allen Bradley

– Vacuum ejectors SMC/Festo

– 10” Allen Bradley color touch screen

– Automatic hot-melt gluing system, Nordson ProBlue USA glue unit with 3 guns

– Automatic easy control of gluing from the touch screen

– AC main drive of cartoner,

– Exchangeable modules for square and gable top cartons

– Foot pedal for triggering cartoner’s cycle

– Light and sound tower

– Light barrier

– Pneumatic Festo with sensor for monitoring low pressure

– Sick photocell

– SEW driven side belts on the carton exit station


– Speed:

– start stop version – to 80 cartons / min

– continuous version – to 180 cartons / min

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