Vertical Cartoner

An automatic vertical cartoner for packing a wide range of products, but it works very well for packing various types of loose products.


The product is dosed by a weigher or manually and fed to a carton of blanks that are pre-folded and glued at the bottom. After adding to the carton, the package is automatically closed and sealed.


The vertical cartoner can operate in the following modes:


– Automatic magazine for carton blanks – manually replenished

– 10” Color touch screen Allen Bradley

– PLC controller Allen Bradley USA

– Mitsubishi frequency controller

– Chains – Tsubaki Japan

– Pneumatic equipment – Festo

– Carton magazine for ~30 minutes

– Nordson Hot Melt glue applicator with 4 heated guns

– Loading with a diving head

– All contact parts with product made of stainless steel

– Full polycarbonate covers with safety switches

– PIAB vacuum ejector


– Speed:

– start-stop version – to 45 cartons / min

– continuous version – to 70 cartons / min

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