Wrap Around Carton

Our Wrap Around Case Packer enables automatically counts, groups and packs unit packages in either a wrap around case or a wrap around tray.


The machine has phase shift technology that permits packaging products with elliptical bottoms in tight compact case or tray.


The case packer is equipped with servo drives for highly efficient operation in continuous production. Compact dimensions allow easy integration with packaging machines.


– Magazine for manual flat carton inserting – capacity of magazine for approx. 250 cartons, changing size is made by hand wheel – time needed for changing to another format is about 20 minutes

– Universal machine prepared for 2 types of cases (wraparound and tray with open top)

– Index feeder with stations: loading, forming and closing the case

– Vacuum cups for taking cartons from magazine

– Glue applicator NordsonPLC controller Allen Bradley with 10” color touch screen

– SEW main drive

– Servo loading arm

– SICK sensors

– Festo pneumatic equipment

– Full covers with safety switches

– Contact parts with product made of stainless steel

– Speed up to 150 single unit/ min


Grouping section:

– Counting and initial grouping of single products into a group according to a chosen configuration from operator’s panel

– Pushing out the group of products into the case through the narrow side


Cartoning section:

– Taking a flat cardboard blank from a carton magazine by suction cups,

– Loading a group the products into an open case

– Closing side walls of the case – gluing gun

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