Case Packer RKZ-18NG

RADPAK fully automatic Case Packer RKZ-18NG for packing products into a wrap-around case. The products come into the infeed of the case packer single lane then they are synchronized by servo driven vacuum conveyors and then fed into the double servo track where they are counted and grouped.


Discover the RKZ-18NG Case Packer, now enhanced with Industry 4.0 features for improved connectivity and automation. Building on its predecessor’s success, it offers steady packaging speeds of up to 25 cases and 250 bags per minute.


– Magazine for manual flat carton inserting – capacity of magazine for approx. 250 cartons, changing size made by hand wheel.
– Manual changeover (estimated time up to 30 minute)
– Index feeder with stations: loading, forming and closing the case
– Vacuum cups for taking cartons from magazine
– Glue applicator Nordson with heated guns
– Allen Bradley 10”color touch screen on swing arm
– Electrical cabinet Rittal with Air Conditioning unit
– SICK sensors
– SEW/Nord AC drives
– Allen Bradly servo drives on: infeed conveyors, double index track, case feeding arm, comb pusher, gripper, main drive of the cartoner, cross gluing station, forming head
– Festo pneumatic equipment

Grouping section:
– Vacuum servo driven belts with SICK sensors for initial synchronization of the infeed with the double servo track
– Counting and initial grouping of single products into a group according to a chosen configuration from operator’s panel by double servo track
– Pushing out the group of products from the grouping section onto a table by a servo driven comb pusher with pneumatic safety clutch – overload detection
– Pushing the group of products into the case through the narrow side by a servo drive group gripper with pneumatic (Festo) product compacter

Cartoning section:
– Taking a flat cardboard blank from a carton magazine by a servo driven carton feeding arm,
– Loading a group the products into an open case
– Closing side walls of the case

– Nordson gluing guns
– Vacuum cup section for ensuring perfect case squarnes
– Discharging a ready case from the cartooning section wide side leading

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