Case Packing - Tray&Hood Carton

The task of the tray & hood case packaging system is to count the required number of individual packages and, in a specific configuration, pack them into a pre-formed carton, which is then sealed and closed.


The machine has two magazines for the manual insertion of flat cardboard blanks. The master carton consists of a tray and a lid that is put on the outside.


– 2 magazines for manual flat carton inserting – capacity of magazine for approx. 250 cartons) changing size is made by hand wheel – time needed for changing to another format is about 20 minutes

– Universal machine prepared for 2 types of cases (open tray, tray and hood)

– Index feeder with stations: loading, forming and closing the case

– Vacuum cups for taking cartons from magazine

– Hot Melt Glue applicator Nordson ProBlue

– PLC controller Allen Bradley with color touch screen

– SEW main drive

– Product grouping station

– Allen Bradley servo drive

– Hood applied by servo mechanism

– Exchangeable belts for servo track and loading arms for different products and different configurations (2 sets included)

– Easy and quick change of servo track belts for different bag size

– Servo loading arm

– SICK sensors

– Festo pneumatic equipment

– Full covers with safety switches


Grouping section:

– Counting and initial grouping of single product into a group according to a chosen configuration from operator’s panel – servo track

– Pushing out the single row of product by a servo drive

– Transporting the single row of product to its final station

– Final grouping of the double-row or triple-row group

– Placing a ready double-row or triple-row group of products into an open case by a servo drive

– Servo drives Allen Bradley


Cartoning section:

– Taking a flat cardboard blank from a carton magazine by suction cups,

– Loading a ready group of product into an open case

– Closing side walls of the case

– Discharging a ready case from the cartooning section

– Main AC drive

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