VFFS - Pillow Bag

Automatic Vertical Packing Machine for packing products in a pillow bag and a side fold. The machine is adapted for packing loose products, but it will also work well with other types of materials. Any other bag width requires a new forming tube.


Pillow bag with a side gusset – an extension of the pillow bag, which thanks to the side gusset has significantly improved stability, which in turn allows you to “stand” the bag easier.


– Sealing jaws for PP, PP/PP, PP/PE, Laminate

– 1 type forming tube for pillow bag

– Every different bag width requires a new forming tube

– Changing bag’s length form operator’s panel, no need of changing forming tube

– Allen Bradley PLC controller

– ProFace color touch screen panel equipped with auto diagnostic and alarms for operator

– Pneumatics equipment Festo Germany, connection 12 [mm]

– Pneumatic mounting shaft for reel change – easy tool- free

– Automatic film unwinding system with stretching bar equipped with SICK sensor for constant film tension and detecting end

– Automatic film tracking on the forming tube collar – system equipped with 2 SICK photocells and DC micro-step drive

– Mechanism for fast film connecting during reel change

– Heavy duty cylinder for closing horizontal sealing jaws

– Speed regulation by frequency controller

– Full plexi covers with safety switches

– Contact parts made of stainless steel

– Machine prepared to work with linear weigher

– Light and sound tower included


– Speed from 40 to 150 bags/ min*

* depending on the model

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