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RADPAK is a packaging machinery factory that has been operating on the market since 1991. Experience in designing packaging machines has resulted in an innovative approach to production - we focus on automation, robotics and modern IT solutions.

RADPAK employs a team of over 130 professionals with a technological background. We employ, among others: mechanical designers, automation engineers and programmers. We have our own design departments where prestigious prototypes and ideas are created.

We don't follow the competition, see what makes us stand out

  • We operate throughout the country and also outside Poland.
  • We implement ambitious packaging equipment projects.
  • A team of specialists engaged in installation and servicing.
  • Attractive manufacturer prices.
  • We create packaging lines for medium and large enterprises.

Why have we become a leading partner of enterprises in Poland and abroad?

Individual approach to the process

We perfectly understand that each project is different and each has its own challenges and goals. We try to use standard solutions and modify them according to the project requirements. We listen to the needs and expectations of our customers, and thanks to our team of experts, we create innovative and practical solutions that meet the customer's production goals.

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  • 01

    Collecting requirements from the client and discussing the idea

    Providing the most important technical specifications from the client and discussing them with our team (seller, designer)

  • 02

    Team discussion on the directions of solutions

    Discussion within the internal RADPAK team on the ideal solution tailored to the client's expectations.

  • 03

    Design process and production of the developed solution

    Our design department begins the design of a tailored packaging machine for the customer. Based on the finished drawing, production begins.

  • 04

    Internal tests and improvements

    The packaging machine undergoes internal tests with a team of technical specialists, and in case of any corrections, the packaging machine is improved.

  • 05

    Acceptance of the machine and final test with the customer

    When the machine is ready in terms of all expectations, the customer comes to our company's headquarters for final tests.

Our values Our values Our values Our values Our values

An experienced team of specialists

We have specialists with extensive experience in the field of construction, automation, assembly and sales.

Partnership in the development of clients' business

Understanding the role of our solutions in business and ensuring the highest level of service for our Partners.

Reliability of solutions

We strive to make our packaging automation solutions reliable as a partner in maintaining the continuity of our clients' production.

Constant development

We focus on development at various levels: we create our own software, improve the team's competences and develop partnerships with the best solution providers.


Competencies enabling the implementation of prototype solutions.

Individual approach

We believe that an individual approach to the client gives the best results when it comes to matching automation to packaging.

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