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Dosing systems are a crucial element in the packaging process, and their integration with vertical packaging machines can increase production efficiency. One of the popular solutions is the use of weighing systems that precisely measure the amount of a product before placing it in the packaging. These systems are often equipped with advanced software for inspection and calibration.

Multihead weigher

Radpak multihead weighers are characterized by high efficiency and weighing accuracy. We offer two types of combination scales: the RW-10C and RW-14C models. The scale can have 10 or 14 heads, and you can choose the size of weighing buckets and the type of vibrating pans.

Head weigher

A head weigher weighs products using special vibro drives with pans for high accuracy. Depending on the type of product, assumed weighing amounts, and efficiency, we can choose the number of weighing paths or the size of buckets. We have two head weigher models: RW-02 with two large buckets and RW-04 with smaller buckets.

Auger Doser

The Auger Doser measures a given amount of product and feeds it to the packaging machine. The device's very high accuracy and speed of operation ensure long and trouble-free use of this solution. Auger Dosers are mainly used for packaging dusty products such as granules, powders, etc.

Volumetric Cup Doser

The Volumetric Cup Dosers the intended dose of the product by filling the cups by volume. We have three models of dosers with 4, 6 or 8 cups of various volumes, which, after being placed in the charging part, are filled from the top, and then, through rotation, each bucket is moved to the discharging part located above the vertical packaging machine. The size of the cups is adjustable.

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