Case Packing

Possibility of packing and grouping many individual products into wide range of cases. RADPAK Case Packing systems facilitate the automation of packaging processes by adapting the technology to the customer’s requirements.

Types of cases:

– wrap-around  case

– tray&lid case

– tray&hood case

– american box

– tray

Our solutions

The Wrap Around Case Packaging System is specially designed for packaging individual packages in cases filled and sealed automatically.

The cartons are glued from cardboard flat, and the ready-made packages are counted and grouped in an appropriate configuration and packed into a Wrap-Around Case.

RADPAK fully automatic Tray & Lid Case Packer for grouping and packing cartons into tray and lid cases (lid not glued inside of the tray).

Cases are automatically formed from flat blanks and glued.


Magazine for manual flat carton inserting – capacity of magazine for 15 minutes working (app. 250 cartons), changing size is made by hand wheel – time needed for changing to another format is about 30-40 minutes

The tray&hood case packaging system is to taking a flat cardboard blank from a carton magazine by suction cups.


A group of unit products is loaded into a carton whose side walls are closed, glued and finally the cover (hood) is put on.

Case erector pulls out a flat carton from magazine thanks to vacuum cups and prepares it to the process of forming. A prepared box is closed, its flaps folded and sealed with tape.
The carton is ready to manual or automatic loading of products. Great efficiency and small size of our case erector make a perfect solution wherever high quality and precision are required.

Radpak Tray Former is designed to automatically form&seal corners of the tray. Vacuum cups pick the blank form from the magazine and place it on the chain conveyor that transfers it through the glue station to the forming section. The stamp forms the tray compressing the glued flaps and drops the ready tray onto the discharge conveyor.

RADPAK fully automatic Case Packer RKZ-18NG for packing products into a wrap-around case. The products come into the infeed of the case packer single lane then they are synchronized by servo driven vacuum conveyors and then fed into the double servo track where they are counted and grouped.

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