Vertical Packaging Machines

A wide range of vertical packaging machines for packaging food and industrial products in plastic bags. 

Vertical packaging machines can work in start-stop or continuous mode.


Types of bags:

-doypack bag

-pillow bag

-stabilo bag

-“brick” bag

Our solutions

Our Vertical Form Fill and Seal Doypack machine it will be the perfect choice for those who are looking for sustainable and efficient packaging equipment for modern packages like Doypack bags.


Our vertical bagger enables packaging product in the classic closed Stand Up pouch and Stand Up pouch with zipper

It is the most popular and at the same time the simplest form of packaging designed for a very wide range of products. This type of bag is also called a “pillow”.

Packaging machine designed to pack products in Stabilo bags. A bag with a flat bottom and mechanically welded edges is a very popular packaging in many industries. An attractive appearance combined with expressive graphics allows for the perfect display of the product on store shelves. Products such as coffee, sweets, nuts, dried fruits, etc., are often packed in stabilo bags.

One of the most popular packaging packs salt, sugar and all loose food products. The compact packaging design allows you to store a large amount of this packaging on a pallet or store shelf. Many applications of the bag improve its functionality.

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Wide range of packaging machines

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