How to choose a cartoner?

Many different factors influence the choice of packaging machine, and making a decision is not always easy. How to choose the right cartoner? What should you pay attention to in order to purchase the right device that will be efficient and adapted to the tasks ahead? In this material, we will try to answer these questions and dispel any doubts regarding packaging machines!

Cartoning machine – operation

Let's start with what exactly this machine is. Its task is to format packaging from previously glued paper products. She is also responsible for placing various products in the created packaging. The last sphere of its activities is closing filled packages using glue or tape.

Application of machines

Cartoning machines are often chosen for packaging a variety of goods due to their versatility, fast working time and precision. They are widely used in many areas of industry. They are proven in the industry:

  • chemical,
  • cosmetic,
  • hygiene,
  • textile,
  • food,
  • pharmaceutical,
  • clothing
  • and others.

Machines of this type prove to be irreplaceable in companies producing products intended for shipment to stores or wholesale or retail customers.

Why invest in a cartoner?

Purchasing a machine may turn out to be an expensive investment, especially for companies that are just entering the market. However, it is worth considering choosing this method of packing products, because a cartoning machine significantly improves the production process and shortens the time needed to safely pack manufactured goods. Additionally, there is an option to purchase the machine via leasing. The installment may turn out to be lower than the current costs incurred by the employer in connection with employing workers for manual work. It is worth taking into account the availability of EU subsidies for entrepreneurs in the investment analysis. Additionally, it is worth mentioning the high quality of packaging and the repeatability of production using our company's cartoning machine, which translates significantly into the readiness to accept orders placed by retail chains.

A machine tailored to your needs

The choice of a cartoning machine is a very individual matter and largely depends on the requirements of a given company and the industry in which the company operates. The production capabilities of a given company are also important, because the size of the company affects the amount of goods produced. The more products are produced, the more efficient and larger the packaging machine must be. Each machine delivered by us is individually adapted to the customer's production needs.

Packaging method and choosing the right cartoner

If your company produces irregularly shaped, standing or loose products, it is worth considering a machine that packs goods in vertically shaped cardboard.

VERTICAL CARTONER works well for loose or granular products such as crisps, cereal flakes, groats, rice, etc. Modern machines of this type, especially in combination with scales enabling gravity packaging, operate precisely, which reduces the risk of goods being damaged or spilled during the entire process.

Horizontal cartoning machines are also available on the market, which work for food and non-food products. We recommend choosing a horizontal model if goods are to be packed individually or in sets, as these machines can operate in both ways. Horizontal devices are characterized by speed of operation and high efficiency. They are perfect for mass packaging of goods such as cosmetics, medicines, cookies, cleaning products, etc.

What else should you pay attention to when choosing a cartoning machine?

Once you know how the products your company produces should be packaged, remember to:

  • consider whether this is a necessary expense - maybe you do not produce goods on such a large scale that the investment will be returned. Take into account that the machine uses energy to operate and also requires servicing from time to time, which may generate additional costs;
  • allocate an appropriate budget for it - it is best to familiarize yourself with the estimated costs of packaging and maintaining the machine and, on this basis, allocate the appropriate amount for it;
  • choose the place where the machine will be placed - choose a space appropriate to the size of the ordered machine;
  • determine whether, in addition to the cartoner, you will also need other equipment supporting the packaging process, e.g. receivers or conveyors. If so, you must take into account additional costs.
  • pay attention to the availability of the manufacturer's service. The RADPAK service hotline is available from Monday to Sunday from 07:00 to 22:00.