A modern RM-55 HAI machine for filling bags

At Radpak, we provide modern machine systems that allow us to meet the ever-increasing expectations of our customers. Striving to achieve the highest possible work efficiency, we constantly improve our devices. Here we will focus on presenting the advantages of the RM-55 HAI machine.

What makes it stand out? RM-55 HAI? It is machine for packaging line among others bagged salt. One of its noteworthy features is the new weighing dispenser, which has a memory for 30 products. The innovations also include the initial preparation of the bag from a foil sleeve, as well as the mechanism of forming and welding its upper and lower parts. The packaging system also includes a feeder for prepared bags under the filling opening.

What does the RM-55 HAI packaging line consist of?

On one side of the vertical machine RM-55 HAI finds a system for suspending and unwinding a roll of sleeve-type foil. The latter is placed on an automatic unwinder together with a tensioning beam. It is equipped with sensors that ensure automatic unwinding of the foil and registration of its end. A precise mechanism cuts and seals the lower part of the bag. This is then transferred under the salt feed spout using a special feeder. After filling the bag, the mechanism for forming and welding its upper part is activated. Pulse welding is used for PE FFS films.

It is also worth emphasizing the presence of a pneumatic shaft for quick replacement of the foil roll.

The RM-55 HAI packaging machine uses a gravity weigh dispenser. Smooth dosage regulation enables trouble-free operation. To automate it, the machine was also equipped with the ability to program material dosing levels. The size of the weighments can range from 5 to 25 kilograms. As previously mentioned, the dispenser has a memory for up to 30 products.

With operators in mind

The RM-55 HAI has been designed to carry out all work on the packaging line as efficiently as possible. Vertical machine operators will also notice many improvements. In addition to the control panel and the ability to adjust material dosing, it also has a color display. This one is equipped with self-diagnostics and alarms that quickly signal to the operator any irregularities in operation, so that they can be reacted to immediately.

Facilities of a large bag machine

We would also like to draw attention to the Siemens weighing module with distributed outputs. The RM-55 HAI is also equipped with a new bag sealing system that has been adapted to the specifications of this particular machine. It also has a fluid temperature regulator and cooling plates for the welded area.

The RM-55 HAI uses a power hydraulics system, which enables the lifting and lowering of a roll with a sleeve of foil weighing 200 kg. Thanks to it, it is also possible to raise and lower the conveyor on which a ready-packed bag weighing from 5 kg to 25 kg is transported. All amenities make the machine ideal for packing bagged salt, enabling smooth operation.

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In company Radpak We have been designing and building machines and packaging systems for production halls for over 30 years. We provide solutions for bulk materials, automotive and non-food parts. Many years of experience and an individual approach have allowed us to reach many companies from very different industries. Everyone interested in the machine presented here We encourage you to contact uswith our representatives to learn the details of the offer. Thoughtfully designed and equipped with many innovative solutions, the RM-55 HAI model will be used in modern production halls.