Types of packaging machines

Although their function is basically the same, in fact we can distinguish several types packaging machines. These devices can be divided, for example, in terms of the method of feeding products - a distinction is made between vertical and horizontal machines. Some devices only support specific types of packaging, others are best for dosing a selected type of product, and still others can be freely adapted to the needs of a given company. One of the most well-known classifications divides them into machines, automatic lines, cartoners and dispensers.

  1. Vertical packaging machines

This is a very versatile type of machine. Their universality results from the possibility of changing the type of dispensers - they can be adapted to loose, fine-grained or frozen products. The devices also handle various types of packaging: from large cartons to small sachets.

  1. Complete packaging lines

List of packaging machines - so that the product is packed in a ready-made package and finally placed in a collective carton.

  1. Cartoners

As the name suggests, these machines are used to pack products into boxes of various sizes. They are used, among others, in the food, cosmetics and chemical industries. The items placed inside may have different shapes and dimensions. It often happens that they are already in a different type of packaging, and the carton is only an additional protection with marketing elements - such a solution can be found, for example, in the case of cosmetics. The carton is closed with a latch or glued.

  1. Case packers

It is used to pack individual products in a collective carton. We have various grouping systems adapted to customer requirements.