Packaging machines: operations and applications.

They are necessary in every large packaging plant. However, do you know what the principles of operation are? packaging machines? At the beginning, it is worth noting that they differ slightly depending on whether we are dealing with vertical packaging machines, cartoners or collective cartoning machines.

In vertical models there is a special dispenser whose task is to measure appropriate portions of the product into the bag, in the cartoner the product is transported to the carton, which is then sealed, and in the system for collective cartoning a group of finished unit products is placed in a collective carton. Therefore, all types of machines have their specific applications. Vertical packaging machines work well for loose products that are filled into large bags and sacks.

Principle of operation of vertical machines

Operation of devices operating in the vertical axis is based on the force of gravity. It involves taking the product, dispensing portions of it and filling bags or sacks with it, which are then sealed. Portion size settings and other parameters can be specified using a special panel, which is also used to control and supervise the operation of the device.

Speed of operation

Automation of product packaging through a properly selected machine, it translates into the efficiency of the entire plant. Regardless of whether it is a vertical variant or a cartoner, filling bags, bags or cartons is much faster this way.

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