The most popular types of packaging machines

In large enterprises it is difficult to imagine working without it extensive production lines. They often include packaging machines, which are selected taking into account the specificity of a given product, the scope of work performed, the number of goods, etc. In this article, we tell you what are the most popular types of packaging machines, what their characteristics are and where they work best. We invite you!

Vertical packaging machines

Packaging machines This type is responsible for dosing loose or granulated products or products with small pieces. Products of this type can be filled into various types of bags - flat, stabilo or doypack, which is perfect for store shelves. Weighing dispensers located on the vertical packaging machine precisely measure a portion of a given product and then transfer it to the selected type of bag. They serve both food products, such as groats, rice or salt, as well as other similar products.


These are some of the best-known and most universal devices used for packaging various types of products. As the name suggests, we are dealing here with cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes, in which various products are placed. These devices are useful, for example, in the food, cosmetics and automotive industries. They can be vertical or horizontal. They work in continuation or start-stop mode.

Case packers

It is used to pack individual products in a collective carton. We have various grouping systems adapted to customer requirements. Bulk cartoning machines this flagship RADPAK machines, which, with relatively small sizes, are able to pack a unit product into several different types of collective cartons, each of which meets the requirements of the largest retail chains.

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