The device allows the product to be packaged in a classically closed manner Doypack type packaging, with a string closure, the so-called zipper and popular sachets with three welded edges. Machine flexibility involves the use of a rotating jaw, thanks to which we can pack products into various types of bags.

Vertical Doypack packaging machine RM-36ACD

  • Bag o elliptical bottom, distinctive shape on the store shelf. Additionally, the bag can be equipped with a string enabling multiple opening and closing and a euro hole.

  • This is the most popular and at the same time the simplest form of packaging intended for a very wide range of products. This type of bag is also called a "pillow".

  • Expansion of a flat bag, which has a side fold significantly improved stability, which, in turn, makes it easier to "put" the bag down.

Types of bags

  • Pillow bag

  • Gusseted bag

  • Doypack bag


  • Euro – hole

  • Handle

  • Zip closure

  • Easy opening incision

*Depending on the technical specifications of a given project.

The process of packing into a doypack bag

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